Activities and Future

Monday, 13 September 2010 14:41

Present activities and plans for the future

The monastery continues to uphold the two sectors of the education program as its main activities and provides all necessary facilities and education.The monastery continues computerizing and archiving ancient texts and artworks, in book and digital format, to make them available for monks, scholars and lay people.


Triten Norbutse intends to start a school with a curriculum similar to that of the monks, with the aim of improving the education of lay practitioners in Dolpa and Mustang. This school will have an innovative dimension, combining necessary modern education with traditional subjects. Entrance will be open to lay practitioners regardless of gender or social status.

A centre for the practice of traditional Himalayan/Tibetan Medicine is planned, where both patients and scholars can come and benefit. It is envisaged that this centre will bridge traditional and modern medical practices.

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